Extraordinary long black eyelashes

Seeing as this blog is called ‘Mascara Magic’ I figured that another blog on marvelous eyelashes couldn’t go amiss.  The last blog, last minute mascara, was all about how to get good error proof eyelashes when your in a rush for work or just generally can’t be all that bothered.  This blog, however, is all about getting EXCEPTIONAL eyelashes, when you’ve got a bit more time on your hands.

This is because, for me, creating long, feathery eyelashes are the most crucial part of a makeup routine.  Usually, I’m all one for advocating natural is best, well in so far as when you apply make-up it should accentuate your natural  beauty and not mask it.  But, eyelashes are a whole other ball game.  The bigger, the longer, the blacker, the thicker the better.  There is no ‘too much’.

Curl your eyelashes

I prefer to curl my eyelashes before I apply mascara as it’s less messy.  I’m usually too impatient to wait for mascara to dry and curling mascara covered mascara for me just gets mascara everywhere, especially in the eyes which makes them water and ruins everything.


  •  Just buy any cheap old pair or eyelash curlers as they all work just as well as each other.  But for an extra great curling effect heat them up for 20 seconds with your hairdryer. (A bit like curling tongs!)
  • Hold right against your lashline, with a focus on getting on the outter lashes being all covered and hold for about a minute.
  • Instead of letting go after the minute, slowly ‘walk the curlers out’ as in, do another couple of curls  2mm apart from the lash line to really curl your lashes.

What colour?


  • You can’t go wrong with black, charcoal black, blackest back.  It doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s black.
  • I have a natural abhorrence for brown.  I won’t go in to it, but I genuinely believe there is never an acceptable occasion for it.
  • Colours – yes, but only if you’re Katy Perry.


I bought lancome cills booster by accident when I was 15 years old and was devastated when I got home to see that my first expensive mascara was in fact white.  But never fear, after reading the instructions I saw it was a mascara enhancer.  Put under your normal mascara (back in the day it made even my collection 2000 look good) to lengthen lashes.

The great thing is that it moisturizers your lashes and so day after day makes them longer and thicker

I would recommended applying applying your black mascara around 1 minute later.  If you apply it immediately, it sometimes creates a grayish hue (and makes the wand go a horrible colour).  If you wait too long and it dries it becomes a bit more difficult to apply on top of it.  But, if you wait around a minute, it really does lengthen and thicken your lashes ready for the next coat.

This is also great for the bottom lashes which are usually a bit more the sparse side.

  • An excellent waterproof mascara.

Yes, waterproof is a pain to remove…cue lavish advocation for lancome bi-facil.  It really seems like I’m plugging lancome today, but I have to say, I do love their mascaras and creams.  The rest of their products I’m really not too bothered about.

“Why waterproof!?” I hear you cry:  “I don’t intend on swimming or crying!”

Yes it is a pain to remove BUT THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT. Imagine it, absolutely no fall out.  When you’re applying vast amounts of mascara there is nothing worse than ending up at the end of your night with panda eyes.  Also, I find that normal mascara diminishes in volume and length after an hour or so, whereas waterproof lasts and lasts.

Top waterproof mascara in order of preference:

  1. Diorshow Black Out Waterproof (the blackest of blacks and very long lasting)
  2. Benefit Badgal Waterproof (great because they usually chuck in a black eyeliner pencil free with this which is also very nice)

These two are both favorites as they are hugely volumizing and black black black.  The wands on these two are super thick and really separate every lash.

Application tips

  • Don’t pump the wand or you’ll get air into it and it will dry out really quickly.
  • Top lashes first. Wait to try before applying bottom lashes or you’ll get mascara all over your eyelid (we’ve all done this but with waterproof its the worst)
  • Apply in a zigzag fashion first in a downwards motion and then the other way pulling the lashes up.  This covers ALL of the lash and though it feels against nature going downwards, it actually makes your lashes stay up more as they’re more coated.
  • Really exaggerate the eyelashes at the outside corner of your eyes on both the bottom and upper lash as they draw your eyes out in a cat like fashion
  • Lots of mascara on the bottom lashes please they’re just important. (put a piece of tissue paper and the bottom lashes when you apply mascara to stop you getting smudges everywhere and to coat them well.

And there we go! Supremely long and long lasting lashes! Next blog – fake eyelashes


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